Welcome.  I’ve been a professional writer all my life. As an author, journalist, photojournalist and corporate writer, I’ve written books, corporate histories, articles, speeches, annual reports, essays, reviews and travel stories for publications ranging from the New York Timesand Harper’sto Ms., McCall’sand Travel & Leisure.


My latest book, like my first, is a memoir: Mixed Messages: Reflections on an Italian Jewish Family and Exile. It will be published in the Fall by Centro Primo Levi, and available on Amazon.  I’ve been working on this story – off and on – for over a decade and I’m excited to send it out into the world.

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Mixed Messages: Reflections

Mixed Messages is the history of one remarkable family – my father’s family — whose successes and tragedies mirror the rise and fall of Italian Jewish life from the mid-1500s to the present. It’s also the story of my parents’ flight from Fascism and my journey to resolve the generational conflicts between us.
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With my sister, I retrace the footsteps of my ancestors through northern Italy and discover the remarkable story of I Fratelli Foà, the publishing house that flourished in the mid-1500s in Sabbioneta, a walled city with a unique history whose citizens continue to honor my ancestors.  We reconnect with living relatives in Turin, Naples and Rome, sharing family meals, family myths and family secrets along the way.

Please join me on my journey.

Buy a copy from Amazon or buy a copy through Central Primo Levi

It’s a fascinating glimpse of one family’s history that inspired me to ask more detailed questions about my family’s history and their lives.” -Meryl Gordon, award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author of three biographies including Bunny Mellon: The Life of an American Style Legend.

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