leanor Foa Dienstag

Gay Pride Parade—A Joyous Celebration

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Sunday’s Gay Pride Parade down Fifth Avenue, following on the heels of New York State’s historic vote, late Friday night, to legalize same-sex marriage — the largest state to do so — was a particularly joyous event. As in past years, old, young, fat, thin, American, South American, Asian, Black, Latino and everyone else under the sun cavorted in their costumes. Exhibitionism reigned. Music pulsated. Everyone had a good time, including the cops who schmoozed it up with onlookers. The weather was perfect. The fight for gay equality has been long and hard. It was a time for celebration for everyone from politicians, like Congresswomen Carolyn Maloney, to straight New Yorkers, who felt a sense of pride in the renewed leadership of America’s most inclusive and welcoming state.

Photos by Eleanor Foa Dienstag


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