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In Good Company: 125 Years At The Heinz Table (Warner Books)

"In Good Company is a corporate history as compelling as a novel."
Ray Brady, CBS News
Business Correspondent

"At last, a readable corporate history. Indeed, In Good Company is a fascinating history of the Heinz family and the hugely successful H.J. Heinz Company, beautifully written by Eleanor Foa Dienstag. One can learn more about how to succeed in business from this book than from a shelf of management books." John Naisbitt, Author of 8 books, including Megatrends, Inventing the Corporation, and High Tech High Touch

"Eleanor Foa Dienstag's history of Heinz offers a rare glimpse of the early years of one of America's leading firms. Through intense archival searches, insightful observations and intimate interviews, she drew a colorful and accurate picture of Heinz its leaders, our brands and the worldwide consumers we serve. Eleanor pulled together scraps, bits and splinters of Heinz's past and made our employees and shareholders proud of Heinz's important contributions to a range of business and humanitarian causes ranging from the 1906 Pure Food Act to support of agri-business in sub-Saharan Africa. Her engaging writing style and personal charm were of equal importance to the book's success and acclaim."
Deborah S. Foster, Vice President - Corporate Communications
H.J. Heinz Company

"Few families had the global impact of the Heinz's. In Good Company is a must read for anyone interested in the creation and evolution of an American legacy, a corporation that spans the world, and the family behind and within the corporation."
Robert S. Sullivan, Dean
Graduate School of Industrial Administration
Carnegie Mellon University

In Good Company is a dramatic and gripping story. It provides a unique view of a quintessential American company marking its 125th anniversary. The company's colorful cast of characters and global cornucopia of products are the stuff of history, business and marketing legends. It is a never-before-told story of the people, products and strategies that transformed a backyard vegetable patch in post-Civil War Pittsburgh into a $7 billion global business

In Good Company profiles the five CEOs whose canny leadership helped the company grow despite bankruptcy, the Great Depression, two World Wars and countless business challenges. It also profiles the company's product "stories" (ketchup, baby food, beans and soup) and family brands (Ore Ida, StarKist, Weight Watchers) that contributed to the company's expansion.

In Good Company took three years to research and write. I conducted hundreds of interviews with current and retired Heinz employees in the U.S., Europe and South America, and poured over family and company archives, including diaries, letters, scrapbooks and speeches. Figuring out why the Heinz Company succeeded when so many others failed; uncovering the human stories and personalities behind the headlines was an immense challenge and major reward.

In Good Company was promoted with a media and public relations campaign which included a book tour, interviews with print, radio and television journalists, book store signings and speaking engagements.

After the book's publication and promotion, Biography, on the A&E Television Network, wrote and produced "Heinz: The Ketchup Kings," based on information and insights provided by In Good Company. The show includes on-screen commentary by the author, and continues to be re-run.

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Whither Thou Goest: The Story of an Uprooted Wife (E.P. Dutton)

Whither Thou Goest, which recently received a Medal of Honor from the Veteran Feminists of America, is both a personal story and an inside-business-story of the rise and fall of an Enron-like corporation, Stirling Homex, one of the most spectacular business disasters of recent times.

Whither Thou Goest was the first book to look at the problem of being an "uprooted wife" from the perspective of the wife. It also looked at the negative consequences of a business scandal on a family and marriage. The book asked a series of questions that had never been asked before. Whose career comes first when a family moves? Does the one who earns the living have the ultimate power of decision? What happens to a wife who moves for the sake of her husband's career when that career explodes? How do you help an ambitious man admit a mistake? How do you strive for an equitable marriage when your husband's job is using all his energy? This could be the story of a woman from anywhere, torn from the life she knew and loved, faced with the real and psychological shocks of uprooting. The issues it raises about career, money and power in marriage are universal issues that each generation continues to face and must deal with in its own way.

Whither Thou Goest created a furor. It was widely and favorably reviewed by, among others, The New York Times and Business Week for its insights into marriage and corporate life. A lecture and media book tour followed publication. The book went into several printings and was picked up by several book clubs.

"A sensitive observer as well as a feminist one, Eleanor Dienstag perceives that single minded devotion to corporate onward-and-upward that drags wives demeaningly in its wake can only demean their husbands. "What do I really want and what will I pay for it?" is not just a woman question, but a human one. Whither Thou Goest is worth reading by both the camp followers and the men they fellow."
Irene Pave
Business Week (Excerpt from full-page review)

"Whither Thou Goest is chilling, fascinating and illuminating—all at once. The picture it gives of the interaction of family life, business life and the intimate lives of men and women squeezed between the two is chilling.The tale of two well-meaning people caught up in the various currents of the American Dream is fascinating. It is illuminating because one sees a number of previously unquestioned value systems by which men and women claim to live subjected to intolerable strain and to intelligent and touching scrutiny. Whither Thou Goest is an anthropological case study, a personal confession, a journey towards liberation without jargon and with more intelligence, wit and clear writing than I have found elsewhere. It is also an inquiry into the nature and limits of corporate life in America."
Daniel Stern, Cullen Distinguished Professor of English
University of Houston Creative Writing Program
Author of nine novels and two short story collections, including One Day's Perfect Weather: More Twice Told Tales

"Eleanor Foa Dienstag has tackled—and very well too—an important and widespread conflict for women who must follow their husbands at considerable cost to their own lives and hopes. A fresh and challenging book."
Marya Mannes, Journalist

Excerpt from Whither Thou Goest

"One October evening...my husband came home from the office, sat down on our recently acquired sofa, and said, his eyes rooted on a design in our Oriental rug, "I'm afraid I've just been offered an extraordinary job in Rochester." We were seated in the olympic-sized living room of our rent-controlled apartment on West Seventy Ninth Street in Manhattan. We had lived there six of the eleven years of our marriage and regarded it less as a dwelling place than our spiritual home....It seemed beyond the range of probability that we would ever discuss leaving. The past year had marked the culmination of my nesting drive, a year almost exclusively devoted to painting, papering and painstakingly refurbishing our back bedroom to function efficiently with two boys, aged four and six months, in active residence. There was no doubt that in my mind that we were settled for good. Forever.

So when my husband came home that evening with the news, it was as though he had said, 'You have two months to live.' It couldn't be real. It couldn't be happening to me. Other women married upwardly mobile executives. Other women switched friends and country clubs like furniture in a room. But 'they' and 'them' had suddenly become me. I felt as though my execution had just been announced."

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